Friday, December 9, 2011

[D20cember] Planescape Campaign Setting

One of my favorite D20 games is the Planescape Campaign Setting. The box set was published by TSR in 1994 with exclusive art by Tony DiTerlizzi. The setting dealt with planeswalkers, focusing on the city of Sigil, the city of doors.

With this game came a new view of the Planes in D&D and a fun vocabulary. There are 4 reviews on (1, 2, 3, 4) as well as one supplement (5).


  1. Surely Tony DiTerlizzi's Monstrous Compendium and Planescape illustrations, together with the setting, were the best things about the 2e era. (I'm trying to complete my collection for the artist in the family.)

  2. planescape box set was amazing, the amount of detail work they put into the various factions of sigil was great but convincing players to try i out was a bit tough

  3. A good buddy of mine is a big fan of Planescape. He managed to collect every Planescape product that TSR produced, including those that were peripheral tie-ins.

    A few years ago, he moved to Washington, and couldn't take it with him. In his mind, there was only one thing he could do with that priceless hoard.

  4. Well, Dr. R? What did he do with it? Give it all to you or sell it on ebay?


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