Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[D20cember] Caverns of Thracia

The Caverns of Thracia was a Judges Guild module published in 1979. This module was one of my first forays into gaming at a game store - my brother and I had just gotten Blue Book Basic D&D and the AD&D Monster Manual for Christmas 1979 and my mother took us to a game shop (and paid $5 each) for us to play the game. The GM ran Caverns.

Even though my brother and I had started playing in 1978 in a home-brewed dungeon (I was a Halfling and he was a Magic-User), so D&D wasn't new, I still have a soft spot for Caverns.

The revamped Judges Guild published an updated module through the Sword & Sorcery (Necromancer Games) imprint in 2004.

There are few reviews for this module. Grognardia has a retrospective. The Alexandrian has an actual play using OD&D rules. And Retro Roleplay has the cover blurb.

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  1. I got the newer version as a .pdf but have not run it. I was impressed with the scope of the back story needed. Also, since they tinker with dimensional folding inside, that makes it easier to attach the module to any campaign; I'm going to make even the outside a pocket dimension to be breached, which will limit the ability to go home for supplies...

    Assuming this one ever makes it to the top of the queue. It will take some time at the game table to get through it.


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