Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[D20cember] The Lair of Medusa

Lair of Medusa is a 16 page generic D&D adventure module written in 1982. Published in Canada (Burnaby, B.C. in fact), it was the first produce from DELF (and if I recall correctly, the last). The art inside included pieces by Eric Hotz! If you don't recognize the name, try looking at Harn products from the 80s.

What's it about? Well, evil medusa takes over a king's castle/cave complex. Enter the PCs years later to slay the beast and free the kingdom.

I am not surprised that there are few reviews on this one.


  1. I like that it was "Officially approved by DELF."

    DELF accreditation was extremely rare and highly sought after by the gaming industry. Gygax admitted in his last days that his one regret in life was that he failed to achieve recognition from the Council of DELF.

  2. DELF, if I remember correctly, stood for the Dungeon Ecological Life Federation. Gygax, with all his Gygaxian Ecology, failed the entrance exam when he placed the dragon in a 10x10 foot room next to the orc with the pie. Sad story but true!

    I'm re-reading the Lair of Medusa and it's got some nice "gems" in it (a funny if you know the module).

  3. I knew the illuminati-style organization known as the DELF Council quite well. They were a tight group that met in the back of the game store, The Dragon's Lair, in the early 1980s. I was not part of this organization and therefore was outside the circle of trust, but I did do the occasional illustration for them.


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