Friday, October 7, 2011

[Auld Lang 'Zine] Switching to Guns, Issue 7

Issue 7, Switching to Guns
Issue 7 of Switching to Guns outlines a burrow found in the woods along the High Bridge Road. This is the third adventure of the series.

In later issues, it'll become obvious that I rarely, if ever, mention the treasure found in the adventure. I figure the GM can easily fill that bit of information in, taking into account what the PCs will need in their future.

I break from my usual lack-of-treasure to include a +1 dagger that allows it's owner to avoid the effects of magical mazes. I think it's a pretty cool magic item, not just a normal +1 dagger, but one with a name and an actual use besides fighting. I think most magic items should be that unique.

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