Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Auld Lang 'Zine] Switching to Guns, Issue 4

Issue 4, Switching to Guns
Issue 4 of Switching to Guns is the first appearance of my Ashford Valley setting for Labyrinth Lord. I had some minor mistakes when I started it - I set the populations too low (originally 350 in Ashford Town and 100 in each of the other towns). I've updated that to be 3500 in Ashford Town and 1000 in each of the other towns, plus about 10,000 through the rest of the valley. Since I didn't put a scale on the map, I'd figure the valley would be large enough to hold this many, plus the humanoid tribes in the area.

The Ashford Valley has gotten pretty big, with over 50 posts just on my blog alone. Re-publishing the 'zine here will add at least that many, plus whatever more info I'll be adding over the next years. Unfortunately, the chat game that I wrote about in this issue didn't take off, unlike my writing on it. I hope to run it at some point with one of my game groups but for now I'm satisfied with writing about it.

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