Monday, June 27, 2011

[Savage Worlds] Winter War Campaign, Session Six: Sailor On A Concrete Sea

Session six of the Winter War campaign involved naval action!

The PCs escaped the Ghoul cave and found the weapon stash from Grath. They quickly loaded their booty onto the fishing boat and made for deeper water on Lake Sri.

Soon, they spotted two sails in the distance - two larger boats approaching. They figured that the boats were faster than they were, so they tried to fool them with plague markings.

When that didn't work, they got ready to fight. One boat turned out to be from Malarky's Crew and the other was unknown. Sir Aerik in the crows nest spotted a figure on board who could only have been one of the hated Necromancers.

The two boats soon closed the distance but Captain McFee managed to get some good rolls (with the help of the rest of the crew) and found some shallows that mired the Malarky ship. With the Necromancer and his undead crew still in full pursuit, they were soon overhauled and attacked.

The battle was fierce - the Necromancer used his magic staff to blast their sail and topple their mast (unfortunately for Sir Aerik in the crows nest) but the mast fell onto the Necromancer's ship. Father Ashley used his holy power against the zombies but the evil dead were protected by the powers of the Necromancer.

With the PCs fighting for their lives against zombies, several concentrated on taking out the Necromancer - Sir Aerik, Nostro the Wizard, McPhee and Keldon the Ax all tried to take him down.

He caught Sir Aerik's sword with his left hand and Keldon's ax with his right and totally ignored McPhee's feeble attacks. Finally, Nostro the Wizard unleashed ultimate death onto the Necromancer, blowing his body to pieces into the lake waters.

The session ended with the PCs in full command of the Necromancer's ship and looking towards Malarky's ship on the shoals.

Next Session: Another boarding action!


  1. You probably say this elsewhere in your blog. What rule system are you using for the naval encounters?


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