Sunday, June 19, 2011

[1938] Up Armored Truck

With the start of the Very British Civil War, armor, and especially light armored cars, were in short supply. Many militaries, however, have solved the problem in the short-term by armoring lorries with as thick a plate as they can find.

Here's an example of one 2 ton truck, in Savage World terms:

Up Armored 2.0 Tonne Truck:
Acc/Top Speed: 5/40Toughness: 13/8(4/2)
Crew: 2 (driver, gunner) +10 passengers
Notes: Four-Wheel Drive, Soft-sided; Toughness 8 for the undercarriage.
.30 Cal Machine Gun (Range: 30/60/120, Damage: 2d8+1, ROF 3, AP 2)

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