Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[Savage Worlds] Winter War Campaign, Session 4: Suffer Little Children

Session four continued where session three ended off: The party went ashore to find the useful military equipment that Joe's "friend" Colin stashed.

They noticed that the land they entered was diseased and that disease was not of natural origin. Colin led them through the woods, about five miles from the coast, where they found an old shack, built partially from the ruins of a tower. After listening at the door, Colin led them inside. The inside wasn't much better. It looked long abandoned. Colin fetched a hidden lantern and lit it, turning towards a barred cellar door. He explained that he and Steve had found the place and hidden the loot in the caves beneath the cellar.

He led them down into the cellar (which was filled with junk, probably of the same era as the tower) and through a stone door. The door opened into a cave and Colin stopped to listen but didn't hear anything. The group trouped through the door and the sudden click behind them as the door shut told them that things were about to go rapidly wrong.

The door completely disappeared and Colin looked at them funny before collapsing into a pile of clothes - an enchantment! The lantern went out as he dropped it and for a short while there was a scramble to get light. The PCs found a carved chess pawn with mystical writing on it in the clothes, which turned out to be rotted and useless, as well as "Colin's" equipment - a pitted and rusted longsword and a useless bow.

The party found themselves trapped in a series of tunnels and spent some time trying to get out. They heard children playing in the darkness and before long they were attacked by child ghouls (which freaked them out). The child ghouls attacked them twice, each time wandering off after a round or two. One of the PCs was paralyzed by their ghoulish touch but Father Ashley managed to bring him out of it.

The session ended with the party wandering in circles, finishing the second fight with the child ghouls and no obvious way out!

Next time: ESCAPE!

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