Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Actual Play: FATE High Road to China NPCs Session 3

NPCs for Session 3:

Plane #A: Rudolph Von Hecht, WWI Flying Ace, 5 confirmed kills, Fokker D. VII
+2 to Shooting things, -2 for Non-Honorable Actions
Fate Points: 0 (started with 2)
Stress: [X] [X] 
Plane Stress: [ ] [X] [X] 
Minor Consequence (-2): Loose Canvas on Wing
Moderate Consequence (-4): Sputtering Engine
Taken Out, took 5 Shifts of damage at the end, spent last Fate Point to create "Unpiloted Plane"

Plane #B: Omar Al-Herad, native of Iraq, no confirmed kills (although he claims to have had 13), Sopwith Camel
+2 to Dive out of the Sun, -2 for Running Away
Fate Points: 0 (started with 1)
Stress: [X] [X] 
Plane Stress: [X] [X] 
Minor Consequence (-2): Fuel Leak
Taken Out, took 11 Shifts of Damage at the end

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