Friday, November 22, 2013

[Resources] Twilight 2000 Wiki NPCs

As a fan of post-apocalyptic gaming, Twilight 2000 was one of my defining RPGs in the early 1980s. I played 1st edition for years and used the system for other post-apoxy games, like The Morrow Project. I avoided 2nd edition, mainly because I didn't like the system.

One of my favorite parts of running T2K was the NPC motivation system, a simple way to develop NPCs using a deck of cards. This was a very cool feature, one that I've mentioned before on this blog. Each suit focuses on a different core issue: violence (Clubs), Wealth (Diamonds), Fellowship (Hearts) and Power (Spades). The value of the card determines the strength of the motivation: 2-4 (low), 5-7 (medium) and 8-10 (high), with the face cards and Aces as special cards. For example, Clubs range from Murderer (Jack) to Stubborn to Brute to War Leader (Ace).

I recently found a Twilight 2000 Wiki with a list of 35 NPCs. Many of the NPCs include these simple card motivations and that makes them useful for any modern game.

Check out the wiki and the NPCs. They might prove useful for your game.

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