Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[Resources] The Cross

The cross is an ancient symbol, used across human cultures and during many eras. It's the major symbol of Christianity and is present in coats of arms and art and flags.

There is no single cross, but a variety of different crosses that add different parts to different sections of the cross.

The Papal Cross and the Cross of Salem have two extra cross-bars (in different locations), while the Patriarchal Cross and the Lorraine Cross has one extra (in the same place).

The Iron Cross has flares at each end, while the Budded Cross has three circles at each end.

(I'm not going to continue because it's far easier for you to go to the link above and see all the varieties to choose from.)

Using a broken cross like the swastika for a bad guy's symbol in a game and everyone at the table is keenly aware that they are fighting Nazis. The Iron Cross in a game with WWI biplanes and the players know they're fighting the Flying Circus. Present a Celtic Cross to bring your players into an early Christian Ireland, rife with myth and the after-effects of the Roman invasion.

Images of crosses are readily available all over the internet. Do a search and you'll find some that are really cool looking. And see how you can fit them into your game.

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