Friday, September 27, 2013

[Dresden Files] Matt's Ready-Made Spell Generator for the Busy & Harried Mage

As a fan of Evil Hat and the Dresden Files, I bought the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game when it first came out.

Recently, I morphed my Spectral Seattle FATE Accelerated Edition game into a Dresden Files FATE Accelerated Edition game. The player characters are all White Council Wardens and, since all the players have no experience with the magic system, I build a spreadsheet to help them out.

You can find the zipped file on Google Drive and it contains an .xls file (Excell 1997-2004).

I put in page references for the Dresden Files RPG Volume One: Your Story book and provided instructions for each page.

Character information is placed on the Wizard's Info page. This page also includes spaces for Skills (Lore, Discipline and Conviction) scores, the range of Elements and Specialties and bonuses, Focus Items (for both Evocation, Thaumaturgy and Crafting), Focus Item and Enchanted Item Slots, Focus Item bonus data and Refinement Powers.

The Evocation and Thaumaturgy pages have the spell generation processes and refers to the Wizard's Info. The calculation

The Crafting page has space for up to eight enchanted items and allows users to select potion slots.

Try it out, let me know what you think.


  1. Attempting to download/open gives a Security Alert. Additionally, if the security alert is ignored, it returns that it found unreadable content and does not display properly.

  2. I double-checked the link and had a couple of friends do the same and no problems. You can get the file on the Dresden Files RPG Wiki Downloads page (


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