Monday, September 16, 2013

[FATE Accelerated] Spectral Seattle, Session 1

After character creation, we started out the first session of the FATE Accelerated Edition: Spectral Seattle game in Pike Place Market.

Jeremy and Jarvis were hanging out by the mini-donut stand, enjoying some mini-donuts, when Jeremy spotted his not-quite-acquaintance, not-quite-friend Victoria (a recent FATE character stolen shamelessly from Christian Walker's Destination Unknown) weaving her way through the market. 

Jarvis spotted a gun tucked into her waistband at the back, hidden under her jacket, and that was news to Jeremy. Figuring that something was going on, they started to trail her. Jeremy mentioned that Victoria had escaped a doomsday cult and they wanted her back, so maybe that's why she was packing heat.

Suddenly, two Men in Black Suits (MIBS) came out of the crowd and grabbed her. A brief struggle, a bit of chloroform and a trench coat pulled over her, and Victoria was as good as abducted.

The J's leapt to her defense, with Jarvis quickly jumping from behind, trying to grab Victoria's gun to get the drop on the two MIBS. Meanwhile, Jeremy cut them off and stopped them from the front, trying to pretend that he knows them.

We worked through the conflicts and both players failed in their rolls trying to gain an advantage, with X trying to get the Aspect "I got the drop on you!" and R trying for "I know you!" 

MIBS #2 grabbed Victoria's gun and pointed it at Jarvis, causing a point of Stress, while MIBS #1 turned to Jeremy, smiled and said "Hey, you're Jeremy Saga! I know you!"

X chose to take the point in Jarvis' first Stress box. 

Jeremy grabbed a bucket of chum from a nearby fish stand and dowsed his MIBS. He succeeded and did two points of Stress to the MIBS.

Jarvis grabbed an off-duty U.S. Marine using his Stunt to get a volunteer. He gathered a small crowd and asked the marine to examine Victoria's gun to verify that is was real. X's roll beat MIBS #2, resulting in 3 Stress points. That took the MIBS out and X narrated that the marine put the smack-down on the MIBS.

Jeremy used another bucket of chum to finish off MIBS #1, winning the roll and did another point of Stress. With both MIBS down, Jarvis quickly frisked MIBS #2 and gained an advantage Aspect "The Detailed Plan" with style, rolling 5 above the target. That gave them two free uses of that Aspect.

The marine unloaded the gun and handed it to Jarvis as the two of them escaped with Victoria.

At a burger joint on Capital Hill, Victoria recovered while they figured out what was happening. The doomsday cult that Victoria escaped from had a ritual that allowed them to eat ghosts and gain something from it. A review of the plan pointed to the Seattle Aquarium, where Jeremy works (specifically the Aspect "Shark Tank") and Jeremy used his Student of the Occult stunt to figure out that the cult was looking for "Admiral Yamamoto's Spectacles" (another Aspect) in the stomach of one of the sharks. The cult believed it contained the ghost of Admiral Yamamoto.

The group got interrupted by the arrival of Kate, Jeremy's love interest, who drove up in a black '57 Chevy. Distracted by Kate (R accepted a FATE Point for this trouble), they lost valuable time but managed to get to the Aquarium right after closing.

Once in the observation dome below the shark tank, Jeremy and Jarvis had Victoria stand watch while they figured out which shark had the artifact. Jeremy determined that it was in Oxmix the Dogfish (a type of shark) with an advantage roll with style, creating the "Ritz Crackers!" Aspect worth two free invokes.

They narrated the scene, with Jeremy helping Jarvis get the shark to throw up by feeding it Ritz Crackers (which it loved) but also using Ritz Crackerfuls With Cheese (lactose intolerant shark). 

With the shark vomit in a net, they prepared to get the spectacles when I turned to X and said "I'd like to invoke your Trouble: In over my head." X rolled with it and took the FATE Point and we ended the session on a cliffhanger.

Lucas, the cult leader, and his men had snuck in, grabbed Victoria and now faced the PCs, with Victoria, bound and gagged, being suspended over the shark tank. Lucas calmly requested the artifact or Victoria would sleep with the fishes!


  1. Whoa! What an awesome session! As your tale illustrates, I love the stress mechanic of Fate Accelerated. Stress can be a bloody nose or a bucket of goo on your head. When you're stressed out, you're, well, out. I'm glad Victoria was of use to you. She's a gutsy kid. :)

  2. Thanks for posting Victoria. It was easy using her background in the game.


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