Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Actual Play: Firefly "Old War Horses" Session 4 The Three-Body Problem

Session 4: The Three-Body Problem
Friday, December 8, 2017

Dramatis Personae:
  • Captain Ramsey Zook, played by K
  • General Samuel Zook, played by K
  • Bang Buckwheat, played by BB (absent)
  • Prospero Jones, played by R
  • John Havelock, played by A
  • Dr. Winston Stuart, played by H
  • Taras Maksim Yan (Sidorov), played by N

///// Cut Scene /////
Planet: Ita, moon of Whittier

More soldiers of the 479th Mule, Gravedigging and Support Unit, as well as some of their civilian family members, are becoming sick from Perigina Contufrimus (Complication: Disease on Ita: Perigina Contufirmus, colloquially Known as Steel Gangrene, is Virulent D10).

///// End Cut Scene /////

In the Black: near Persephone

Once off Persephone, the crew of the Ning Po had three problems, body #1, body #2 and body #3, hanging out in their hold (Complication: 3 Dead Bodies D10).

They decided to space the bodies once they're deep in the Black and dragged them from the cargo containers to the airlock, but then Winston thought "what if they were being searched for for some other reason besides them being dead?"

They humped the bodies up to the infirmary and Winston got to work.

In one of the bodies, he discovered a device, obviously NewGenTech, some sort of spy device, with a mass of mono-filiment probes that went from the body of the device to the surface of the skin and even into the eye (Complication: NewGenTech Devices D8).

Winston removed the device and noted it was still active and recording EVERYTHING.

In the other two bodies, he found two more of the same devices, which he removed. Zook and the rest of the crew were noticibly disturbed by this, since the devices were still recording and recording them.

Suddenly, the devices started to move on their own (Complications: NewGenTech Devices D12, NewGenTech Devices are Mobile D8) and started to escape the infirmary!

The crew immediately gave chase, with Zook, John, Taras and Prospero chasing after two that skittered down the hall towards the sleeping quarters, leaving Winston to corral the third, which was trying to escape through the ceiling duct.

The chase was fast and furious, since the mobile NewGenTech Devices were both agile on their mass of mono-filiment probes and slippery from the blood and effusion from the dead bodies. Taras managed to capture one after leaping after it, and Zook got the other.

Meanwhile Winston grabbed the one trying to climb into the ship's ducts and got ahold of it, stuffing it into a large container and throwing the container into the refrigerator.

Taras and Zook stuffed their prisoners into some sacks and they joined their third in the storage fridge.

Prospero posited that the NewGenTech Devices were Alliance in nature and, with the Polite Tong Headman's nephew's access to the Tong, contained valuable information about the Tong, exposing their businesses and criminal activities. The value of such data is immense, most likely priceless and extremely dangerous to know or have in one's possession.

They all looked at the corpses with a renewed desire to dump them as fast as possible. The sound of scratch, scratch, scratch came from the fridge, breaking the silence.

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