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[Leveraged Serenity] Werewolves of Londinium, Session 3

Session 3: August 10, 2012

The third session continued with character generation (using the Leverage rules and mixing in the Serenity rules as necessary).
  • L played Tobias Bunt, The Merry Old Gentleman (Mastermind/Thief)
  • X played Gunther Mason, The Road Warrior (Wheelman/Hitter)
  • E played Ella James, The Mechanic (Hitter/Hacker)
  • C played Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer III, The Actor (Grifter/Thief)
Planet: Persephone
System: White Sun
Year: 2515

The session started with the PCs looking to break up the Zanzibar Marketplace auction run by a shady company called United Spaceship Works (USW). 

Chaucer and Tobias were at the auction location, somewhere in the Eavesdown Docks, watching a vid screen with the extender kit on it, in a different shipping container, also somewhere in the Eavesdown Docks, while Ella and Gunther were outside, gathering resources and closing off avenues for their marks. 

Yet the crew was facing a number of dangerous obstacles, which included, but was not limited to, surplus USW guards and an interested party that had tracked the kit over the Cortex that they had nicknamed The Eye of Sauron.

Chaucer took the opportunity to look very much the rich guy and verbally downgraded the kit, saying it had blood all over it (C created that as an asset). Some of the bidders hesitated, thinking that this auction wasn't quite kosher.

Meanwhile, Gunther stole one of the USW trucks to haul the kit away but was caught by a security guard, in the form of "Hash Browns," an ex-lover from his past who thought he was the "One who Got Away." Gunther proceeded to charm and bed her in the back of the stolen truck, leaving her asleep there as he stole her master keys to an even larger truck and drove off.

Back in the auction, Tobias, acting drunk, started making a scene, saying the kit was well worth the price, whatever was asked for, which caused even more of the bidders to balk. On his way out of the auction, he lifted a radio off of one of the guards.

Ella had tracked the kit down to a shipping container a good mile away and noted that there were a bunch more USW guards around the container.

With the auction in an uproar due to Chaucer and Tobias, the crew quickly assembled and raced off in the large truck to steal the kit, listening to the radio for any signs that they'd been discovered. Along for the ride was a bucket of chicken that they dowsed with knock-out sauce.

The night before, Tobias had met the USW security chief, the one in charge of the group guarding the kit, while out drinking. He remembered that that guy really liked his fried chicken and the bucket of chicken could prove handy.

Chaucer was currently on the outs with his family, a rich Osiris merchant house that was a front for the Tongs. For the past few months, Chaucer had avoided them and rarely accessed his bank accounts (they'd be able to track him if he did). Knowing that his Tong had major dealings on the Eavesdown Docks, Chaucer had Ella break into the Tong server over the Cortex to find out exactly what stolen goods they had on Persephone.

Ella found that the kit's hiding place was right next to a shipping container owned by Chaucer's Tong. So she switched some things around, including some vid feeds, so it made it look like the USW security were guarding the Tong container, with intent to steal. 

While in the Cortex, Ella also discovered that the Eye of Sauron was the Tong looking for the extender kit that had been stolen from them in the first place. They wanted it back. Ella called up the Alliance military, tipping them off to a bunch of stolen goods. With Alliance on the way, they didn't have much time.

Then Tobias stumbled around the corner in front of the kit's hiding place and "recognized" his old drinking buddy from the night before and brought out the chicken, which the guards greedily devoured and promptly passed out.

Gunther backed up to the other side of the shipping container and unlocked it with the Unknown Key (X defined as an asset). They quickly loaded the extender kit into the truck, along with some of the Tong's stolen merchandise, then moved the rest of the Tong's goods into the USW shipping container. Slamming the doors as the Tong and Alliance descended on the location, they hauled ass out of there, giving the Tongs, the Alliance and USW security the slip.

All told, the PCs escaped with the extender kit, which they promptly flew off of Persephone and installed on their Firefly, while leaving United Spaceship Works and their security detail to deal with the Alliance and the Tongs. It would take each of these groups a long while to figure out what had really happened, yet Chaucer was convinced that his family would figure it out first. Best to leave the system for a while!

Assets defined:
The One who got away D6
Jonny the Red (Info Broker) D6
Intimidatin' Phone Call D6
Unknown Key D6
Looks trashy with all the blood on it D6
Radio D6
Bucket of Chicken with Knock-Out Sauce D6

Complications defined:
More guards D6, raised to D8

The Bucket of Chicken with Knock-Out Sauce started as a response to my rolling a 1, which allowed one of the players to define a free asset. When he was stumped, L called out "How about a bucket of chicken?" And off we went - first by defining it as a Bucket of Chicken with High Explosives Hidden Within but the others realized that would cause more trouble than it was worth, so it was changed to knock-out sauce. The Bucket completely made the session snap and the plan came together really well after that.

I also talked with C after the game, pointing out, rightly, that the Tongs were going to figure it all out sooner than later, to which C completely understood and expected. When that particular issue bites them in the ass, as it will, is something I plan to hang over their heads like the Sword of Damocles until the thread snaps at just the wrong (for them) moment. Fun!

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