Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Leveraged Serenity] Werewolves of Londinium, Session 1

Session 1: May 11, 2012

The first session started with character generation (using the Leverage rules and mixing in the Serenity rules as necessary).
  • L played Tobias Bunt, The Merry Old Gentleman (Mastermind/Thief)
  • X played Gunther Mason, The Road Warrior (Wheelman/Hitter)
  • E played Ella James, The Mechanic (Hitter/Hacker)
  • C played Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer III, The Actor (Grifter/Thief)
Planet: Persephone
System: White Sun
Year: 2515

The session started with the PCs in two separate groups, Gunther and Chaucer together and Tobias and Ella together.

Gunther was flying an old Firefly Aught Two called The Erciyes owned by Chaucer. Chaucer is a rich playboy with a shady, criminal past from a shady, criminal family. The two of them heard of an extender kit for an Aught Two to convert it into a Firefly Aught Three available for sale on Persephone. 

The value of this ultra-rare extender kit is fairly high as they are very much sought after for the wide variety of Fireflies around the 'Verse. The crew of the Erciyes want the kit for the ship, 'cause it tends to shake a lot during landings.

Flying into the Evesdown Docks, Gunther and Chaucer did a search on the local Cortex to find out where the extender kit was being sold. Chaucer found out that it was being sold in a Zanzibar Marketplace (a secret auction where bidders give in their top bids and the winner gets info of where to pick up the package).

Tobias and Ella arrive at the Evesdown Docks looking for the extender kit themselves to steal and then sell. Searching around the docks, they come up with some leads: seems the folks selling it are from a company called United Spaceship Works and there is someone named Chuck Findley looking for the kit as well. 

While searching on the Cortex, they also come across a program watching for the extender kit that they call The Eye of Sauron.

While searching for the United Spaceship Works, Ella and Tobias follow a guy eating Kung Po chicken and find a shipping container that looks to be the storage place of the kit. However, they can't locate the Kung Po chicken guy (though they do find his food, on a table outside the shipping container). They enter the dark container, hoping to make a quick score.

Chaucer and Gunther also found out about the United Spaceship Works and find their shipping container (the same one the others found, yet on the other side of the container).

And the session ends with both groups trapped together in a dark shipping container.

Assets defined:
Kung Po chicken lunch D6

Complications defined:
Suspicious worker D6
The Eye of Sauron D6

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