Friday, June 15, 2018

Actual Play: Firefly "Old War Horses" Prospero Jones

Prospero Jones

Mental: d10_______________Physical: d8______________Social: d6

Craft d4______________________Drive d4_______________Fight d4
**Fix d12 (engines)_____________Fly d4_________________*Focus d6
*Influence d6__________________**Know d12 (sciences)___Labor d4 
Move d4______________________*Notice d10 (behavior)___**Operate d10 (ship systems)
Perform d4___________________Shoot d6_______________Sneak d4 
Survive d4____________________Throw d4_______________Treat d4 
Trick d4

Ship's Mechanic d8 
[x] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8 
[_] Zen & the Art of Engine Maintenance: Spend 1 PP at the beginning of a Timed Action involving ship repair or upgrades. For each of your rolls during the Timed Action, you may reroll any die that comes up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point for that die
[_] Miracle Worker: If you replace your Fix Skill with a D4 for the next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill's normal die rating if your roll is successful 
(Skills: Fix, Know, Operate) 

Child Prodigy d8 
[x] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8 
[x] Eidetic Memory: Spend 1 PP to roll your Know Skill and add it to your total once per scene
[x] Exceptional Talent: Step up an existing Complication to step up or double a Skill in a non-combat situation 
(Skills: Fix, Know, Operate) 

Reader d8 
[x] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8 
[_] Secrets, Secrets: When you are in the presence of someone who is trying to keep a secret, spend 1 PP to discover the secret with a Mental + Know Actions. If your Action fails, create or step up a Paranoid Complications
[_] Psychic Flashes: Once per scene, spend 1 PP to create a D8 Complication on a Gamemaster character by blurting out a secret or negative fate
(Skills: Focus, Influence, Notice) 

Signature Assets:
Ning Po (ship) d8

Prospero Jones was always in the top 0.01% of the class. He managed to pick up everything having to do with learning: science and engineering, a bit of medicine, politics, literature and more. He’s got an encyclopedic memory and can bore you to tears on the differences between Fourier Analysis and LaPlace Transforms, if you let him. 

The middle child of bureaucratic parents from Osiris, Prospero went to the finest university on planet and graduated with honors at age 12, with degrees in engineering and philosophy, earning a guaranteed–for–life researcher job with a local engineering firm. Like everyone, he watched the Battle of Serenity Valley unfold via vid and, due to the stress of watching that battle,Short Attention manifested shortly thereafter. He quit his job and spent the next year in his parents basement, learning poker and reading esoteric texts, supporting himself with odd but lucrative engineering jobs here and there, making a buck or two in some of the alleys with less cams and back resteraunt Gambling dens, trying his hand here or their. Finally, his parents kicked him out and he joined up with Capt. Zook as chief engineer on the Ning Po. Almost 19, he’s been crew for three years, when stops are made, he finds a nice place to lay into earning a few pieces here and their playing "five pieces", "Cups and Balls" anything that will keep ya a wanderin, and leave ya we a smile, to see him by, occasionally proving usefull at an odd job off ship if need be,

Prospero doesn’t carry a gun normally (although he knows how to use one), as the Ning Po’s engines don’t like guns much. He’s still exploring his abilities and so keeps them secret. He’s got a penchant for collecting (and wearing) cheap animal half–masks on board the ship.


3 friends:

● Kane Morgan, former professor. Professor Kane wonders why his young student has fallen so far from the safe and productive life that was laid before him. But he’s been writing some very exciting scientific papers which could be worth something. 
● Mike Jones, brother. Mike and Prospero are tighter than two peas in a pod. Mike works for planetary security on Ariel. He’s going to be one of the top guys there. If something happened to Prospero, Mike would be sure to take steps. He’s normally a calm person but Katie–Bar–The– Door when it comes to someone bothering his brother! 
● Albion Market, A Reader Friend. During his year of exploration in his parent’s basement, Prospero met Albion, who gave the youth some tips o’ the trade, including a few esoteric texts. He plays at the mysterious.

3 contacts:

● Shek Mei, female medical doctor. Prospero worked some of his engineering magic to help design a new technology for Dr. Mei. Since then, she’s become fabulously wealthy and wants him to work for her. 
● Joyce Chen, prospector. Met during the first year on the Ning Po. He rebuilt her mining equipment and they became friendly. 
● Noele Gordon, magistrate. An old friend of his parents, Magistrate Gordon feels a sense of duty towards Prospero.

3 enemies:

● Charlie Clauson, shyster lawyer. One of his clients sued the company Prospero worked for about a failed piece of machinery that killed several people. During the court case, Prospero showed conclusively that the client was responsible for misusing the machine. In the process, he completely demolished Charlie. And Charlie wants payback. 
● Peter Johnson, information broker. During his second year on the Ning Po, Peter asked Prospero some info from his last job. Prospero wouldn’t give it and so Peter pushed a little harder. That resulted in Capt. Zook beating Peter fairly badly. Peter doesn’t hold Zook responsible, no, that falls to Prospero. So he’s gathering info on him, for later. 
● Po Ling–Kau, female mob boss. The crew of the Ning Po did some deals with Po’s father. These deals went bad and he was killed. And the guy who pulled the trigger? Yes, it was Prospero! (as Cap'n needs may)

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