Thursday, May 3, 2018

Actual Play: Firefly "Old War Horses" Session 2 Puncture

Session 2: Puncture
Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dramatis Personae:
  • Captain Ramsey Zook, played by BR
  • General Samuel Zook, played by BR
  • Bang Buckwheat, played by BB
  • Prospero Jones, played by J
  • John Havelock, played by A
  • Dr. Winston Stuart, played by H
  • Doc Gaines
  • Mysterious black ship

In the Black: a few hours outside Ossolambria, moon of Shadow, heading toward Persphone

The scene starts with the Ning Po with a puncture in it's side, venting atmo, fleeing a mysterious black ship.

A few hours outside of Ossolambria, the Ning Po passes another bulk trader. Suddenly, the bulk trader shed it's outer shell, revealing a black, experimental spacecraft, which promptly shot a lance at the Ning Po. It missed the engine pod and crashed through the cargo bay wall, opening the cargo bay to atmo (Complication: Hull Breach D8).

Doc Gaines, in the cargo hold at the time, fell from the scaffolding onto the cargo floor when the ship shuddered from the attack (Compliation: Doc Gaines Injured D8). He was gravely injured.

With atmo rapidly leaving the ship (Complication: Atmo is Leaving the Ship, Rapidly D8), Bang put foot to pedal to escape this black ship.

Prospero ran to Doc Gaines and loaded him onto a nearby powered cargo lifter (Asset: Hover Cargo Lifter D6). Winston yelled at him to bring Gaines to the infirmary while Captain Zook was yelling at Prospero to seal that breach.

Zook helped Bang hold the ship steady, allowing Bang to reach full burn (Asset: Long Haul/Full Burn Boost D6).

Getting Doc Gaines to Winston, Prospero jumped into a ready space suit (Asset: Ready-and-waiting Space Suit D6) and closed off the cargo bay, as John started looking around to help with the atmo situation. He finds a control panel and attempts to control the atmo (Asset: Life Support Control Panel Rerouting Atmo Big Shiny Red Button D6). With their combined work, the atmo venting is lessened (Complication: Atmo is Leaving the Ship, Rapidly D6).

Bang's flying put the Ning Po through some pretty bad twists and turns, wreaking havok on the hull breach (Complication: Hull Breach D8 stepped up to D10).

Winston, swearing Wong Ba Duhn (Son of a bitch ) in Chinese, noting the bad injuries on Gaines, started surgery, working hard to stabilize him and heal him.

With more fancy flying, Bang manages to keep ahead of the black ship, as Prospero seals the cargo bay, sealing off the atmo leak and starts repairing the hull breach (Complication: Hull Breach stepped back to D6). Unfortunately, the damage affects the ship's maneuverability (Complication: Maneuverability is affected D6 (stepped down from D8 by John))

Bang performs a Crazy Ivan (his first) and escapes the black ship, leaving it behind, damaged.

///// Cut Scene /////

Planet: Ita, moon of Whittier

General Zook is notified by his chief medical officer that one of the soldiers has come down with Periginia Contufirmus, colloquially known as Steel Gangrene, a virulent disease that spreads quickly in hot environments, often with a 30% fatality rate, up to 50% in hot environments.

Concerned, General Zook sends a Wave to his brother.

///// End Cut Scene /////

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