Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Actual Play: Firefly "Old War Horses" John Havelock

John Havelock

Mental: d8_______________Physical: d6______________Social: d10

Craft d4______________________Drive d4_______________Fight d6
Fix d4________________________*Fly d6_________________Focus d4
***Influence d10 (close the deal)_*Know d6 (contacts)_____Labor d4 
Move d4______________________*Notice d10____________Operate d4
*Perform d8___________________Shoot d6_______________Sneak d4 
Survive d4____________________Throw d4_______________Treat d4 
**Trick d12 (something for nothing)

Shady Business Man d8 
[x] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8 
[x] Fell Off a Truck: Step up a Complication involving the authorities to create a D8 Asset that was acquired from less than reputable sources
[_] Loan Shark: Spend a PP to pass of a social Complication onto another character who owes you something 
(Skills: Influence, Notice, Trick) 

Guild Trader d8 
[x] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8 
[_] Get Out of Jail Free: Spend 1 PP when you're imprisoned, locked up, seized, or held. The Trade Guild springs you but they'll ask you to do something for them later 
[_] Shadow of the Guild: Gain 1 PP when your decision to go against the Trade Guild's policies, practices, or orders puts you in danger or hot water 
(Skills: Influence, Fly, Know) 

Chatterbox d8 
[x] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8 
[x] Blather: Step up or double Trick for an Action when you just keep talking. Take or step up an Annoying Complication after the roll 
[_] Friendly Banter: Step up Social for a scene. The next time the GM buys a Complication after you've rolled a jinx, step the Complication up
(Skills: Influence, Perform, Trick) 

Signature Assets:
Guild Contacts d6
Alliance Salvage Permit d8

John Havelock never met a stranger. All peoples are his friend, or soon will be. If the Life of a Party was a planet, then John is the King. Friendly and personable, he’s able to convince people to do things they didn’t think possible. He’s great at making a deal where everyone comes out ahead (or seems to). Sure, he’s been casual with other mens’ wives and daughters, spaceships, bank accounts and weapons, but that can’t be held against him–he’s a unique individual, beyond the rules of mere mortals. Yet he’s scrupulously “honest” when a deal comes about. He’ll bargain hard with you but he’ll uphold his end and woe to you if you don’t hold up yours. The smile’s still there, but the steel comes out. 

Raised on Higgin’s Moon, he managed to sweet–talk his way off and once let loose on the ’Verse, proceeded to wheel–and–deal his way around. Last year, he managed to get Capt. Zook a deal on military surplus and has been a crew member ever since. He likes it here and the people like him. He’s got a special lady–friend on Ita now and something to fight for.


3 friends:

● Cutie Mui, lady friend on Ita. John was very happy when Xun introduced Cutie to him. He’s been walkin’ on air since they started their relationship. 
● Ben No Mortley, private investigator. Every now and then, it’s good to know what your competition is doing. Ben started as an employee and ended up a friend. Now Ben has his own company and still keeps in contact with his good friend John Go figure. 
●Terry Dodge, mob hitman. How do I keep meeting people like this? I’m not a violent man but I seem to attract it. But Terry’s a good guy. He’s got to make a living, too. But the last time we went to dinner, he had to work. Geez, I had to leave before dessert, what with all the screaming and shooting and explosions.

3 contacts:

● Lo Ho Hai, information broker. A good contact from the bad old days on Higgin’s Moon, Lo was one of the first people who gave John a chance. They still keep in touch and share info that is mutually beneficial. 
● Luke d’Mord, weapons dealer. Who needs a grenade launcher? Well, who doesn’t, with the state of the ’Verse. And knowing an arms dealer is better than not, especially when you really need a grenade launcher. 
● Sam Healy, fence. He’s not really a fence, but a middleman for goods and services of questionable parentage.

3 enemies:

● Sumitra Mukhopadhyay, rival merchant. Sumitra keeps trying to score big. Not if John can help it! 
● Corporal Jeet, mechanic, 479th Mule, Gravedigger and Support Unit. Yeah, so I play cards! Does Jeet have to keep playing with me? NO! 
● Yu Eun–Ho, rich noble. He wanted John to move some product for him. John wanted to see it first. Things got heated from there and words were exchanged, a gun was pulled and Yu got punched out.

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