Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Let's Read] Playing With Fire, Part 5: The Front Matter Pgs 1-8

The Front Matter, also knows as the preliminaries, ranges from page 1 to 8, containing the Bastard title (a single page with the title on a single line), the Title page (1 page), the Colophon (verso of the Title page, containing the copyright information and edition dates), the Contents (1 page), the Dedication (1 page) and 3 blank pages.

The authors and publisher are listed, as is all the necessary copyright and edition information. The dedication page only lists names of people who the authors wish to thank, without (except for J. Bjornstad's child) any explanation of who they are or whether indeed they had any part in the writing of the book. In no case was anyone listed with any sort of credentials, say a psychologist or a game theorist, that would have any sort of insight into the subject following.

In fact, one could just as easily see "Bill and Loretta Bowers, Tom and Naomi Brewer, Steve and Susan Clark, Mike Dosh, Phil and Nancy Miller" as J. Weldon's game group - except that I fear that neither author even bothered to play even one session of any of the games they condemn.

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