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Actual Play: Blue Rose AGE "Trouble in Hyrith" Session 2

Trouble in Hyrith, Session 2

Session 2
Monday, October 30th, 2017

Dramatis Personae
  • Zajan, Night Person, Warrior, played by J
  • Sabo Duskfire, Human, Roamer, Adept, played by J
  • Kiva, Vata'an Adept, 17 years old, played by C
  • Ajax, Rhy-Fox Expert, played by Me
  • Innkeeper of the Cosy Quail
  • A mysterious Sea Folk sailor woman
  • Perla, a Human stoneshaping artist
  • Anot, a Night Person, art gallery manager (mentioned but not met, yet)

The party headed to the Cosy Quail, where Ajax paid the innkeeper to cleanup the cheesy biscuit crumbs in his room and ordered ale.

Zajan talked with the innkeeper and made a new friend (RP stunt: New Friends). The innkeep let Zajan know that the strangest thing he remembers about the time the party lost their memories, was that one of the sea folk was asking him about first hand recommendations around the town. Innkeep didn't catch her name but she was short, stocky, muscled and hair in a ponytail. She was rough around the edges and looked like she was working folk, a sailor. 

He recalled telling her about Perla's Art Gallery and that she talked with each of us, the night we were called in by the guard to be questioned. Turns out each of the party went to the gallery on separate days, days and trips they still don't remember.

Kiva checked his parents' room but they were not there. He did find a note from them. The rest of the group found out that his parents call him "Moonbunny".

After drinking the ale, the party headed to Perla's Art Gallery. They remembered that Perla came onto the art scene out of nowhere, from obscurity, just a couple of years ago. She arrived at Hyrith 5-6 months ago and established her gallery. It's open to the public but currently back-logged on art piece sales.

Entering the gallery, they saw a whole bunch of statues. Along one wall were several lifesized statues of people, that looked to be the artist's progression in skill over the years. The statues' faces had good detail. The rest of the gallery was filled with statues.

When he enters the gallery, Sabo "sees" a spontaneous vision of a small statue. It's a Rezaean rider. The statue is on a desk. After the vision, he looks around the gallery but doesn't see the statue, nor the desk.

They watch Perla doing stoneshaping magic for a very-true-to-life middle age noblewoman bust. Perla is a human but she looks like she's got some sea folk blood in her.

The party notices that Perla has deep circles under her eyes and she looks pretty ragged and seems to be putting up a façade.

Ajax passed her one of Zajan's cheesy biscuits that he lifted earlier, which gave her some strength.

After talking with Perla, they find out that her assistant/manager, Anot, is missing. Anot is a night person and, it turns out, that he had a relationship with the still missing girl Nissun, the one that the party was questioned about.

Anot has been missing for several days now and Perla is concerned. Ajax managed to get Perla to open up (RP Stunt: New Friends). 

Perla knows that Nissun was around the gallery a lot and that she and Anot got pretty close. Perhaps they ran off together, since the attraction was mutual, but not necessarily exclusive on Nissun's part. Anot was more of a "one-night-person-one-woman" kinda guy. 

Kiva asked if Nissun's father, who runs the stables outside of town, knew about the relationship, which seemed obviously not.

Zajan asked if Perla went to the tournament but she didn't because she was so busy. She did mention that Anot usually went to the first day of the tournament. They also asked about the sea folk sailor but Perla didn't see her.

They got Anot's address from Perla and planned to head over there but before they went, Sabo touched the statues of along the wall and, one of them, "sees" another vision. The subject of the statue walked into a secret room, possibly an underground tunnel, an empty room. The subject got stabbed and killed. On the wall of the murder room is a sigil of a new moon with thorns wreathed around it, a sigil used by the Silence.

Sabo told the rest of the group about the subject of the statue he got the vision from and Zajan asked Perla about the statue. It was one of her personal projects, someone that she saw about town, two years, no, one year ago. She noted his striking features when he came to one of her smaller exhibits, prior to moving to Hyrith.

Ajax figured she's being deceitful about the last time she saw the statue subject, she's mostly truthful but lying by omission. There also was something weird about the way she said "personal project".

As Ajax is leaving the gallery, he does a final smell for any of the three scents that altered the book but none of them were present at the gallery.

Zajan receives notice that the Silence want to meet up with him.

Next time Anot's Place and follow up on Zajan's Silence meetings!

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