Thursday, December 28, 2017

Actual Play: Dresden Files Accelerated Hollywoodland Character Profile: Sammy Wesson

Played by R

AGE 26


Sammy is a 26 year old have changeling half-Sidhe. His Sidhe father had a one night stand with his mother Tammy Wesson and the result was Sammy. He was born is Salem Oregon but his mother moved to Portland for work as she struggled as a single parent. Sammy had a relative normal childhood until his wayward father introduced himself to Sammy when Sammy was 17. Sammy was very intrigued by the Fae but he is not sure he wants to be a Winter Fae... their cruelty turns him off despite the fact that he can demonstrate a cruel streak himself. At the age of 19, his father disappeared from his life again and a few months later another Fae entered his life who called herself Marta. She told him to abandon his university studies (scholarship to Reed College) as he was no working for her as his father owed her a debt which he know has to fulfill. Last few years he has been working as an Agent for Marta on behalf of the Winter Court.


High Concept: Half-sidhe coldblooded Enforcer for Marta (Maeve)
Trouble: left with dead beat dad's debt on a string with the the Winter Court (Maeve)
Aspect: Wrong kind of friends- rebellious allies as my dad was a celebrity fae on the wrong side of the winter queens
Aspect: Wanted Secret benefactor (dear old dad is around and helps I just don't know it)
Aspect: show off mage

Clued-In Mortal

Mantle Conditions:
Knowledge sticky(5 box) -- one box for occult knowledge
In too Deep -- one box mark to recover all knowledge gain aspect of enemy
Called (5 box) -- mark one box to use fae stunts

Chasing Rumors -- +2 advantage or overcome with each knowledge box used
Preparation -- mark box knowledge for useful item
Unseelie Magic -- see rules
Familiar Face -- see rules
Glamour -- see rules
Winter Fear -- Because I am Maeve's enforcer, once per session I can create +2 attack to Force attack against targets I am hunting for Marta when telling them Marta wants them dead.
Infamy -- Because of my dad's infamy or fame, once per session I can create +2 guile attack with Fae and Changelings.
Fancy Magic -- Because I will go for some ambitious fancy magic, once per session I can create an advantage for Force with fancy changeling magic.

Force +3
Focus, Intellect +2
Flair, Haste +1
Guile +0

backpack with magical components

3 x 3s:

Yancey Eaton -- ex high school friend who is police sergeant

Ben Crooker -- information broker on the street
Lana Young -- Warner Brothers Actress Friend

Printemps -- a Seelie Changeling who hates his father and makes it his business to mess with Wesson as much as he can

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