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Actual Play: Dresden Files Accelerated Hollywoodland Character Profile: Daniel Ehrlichmann

CHARACTER NAME: Daniel Ehrlichmann
Played by F

AGE 32

LOOKS: Black hair, blue eyes, slender build, often unshaved and in yesterday's clothes, fast on the draw with his smokes.

ORIGIN: Immigrated into the United States in the early 30s due persecution because of his Jewish ancestry, the rest of his family tried to migrate to Switzerland, but were turned away and he doesn't know their current whereabouts. 

He started working on the east coast as a journalist, and quite successfully at that. After a hot affair with a mysterious blonde, he started to transform into a predatory animal - a wereleopard. After that fateful night he never saw her again, and she is the one mystery that he didn't manage to solve at all. 

His at start uncontrollable transformations thoroughly ruined all his job prospects, put him on the bottle for quite a while, and made him start travelling about just like all the other poor sods, hobos, etc. - finally, leading him all the way to the west coast.

During the time on the road he gradually managed to master his transformations. That newly found self-control and stability made him look out for some more steady jobs. In the news media he found his "mundane" footing again. His desire to hunt down a news story, to "make the kill", resulted in him pissing off quite a lot of powerful people. But not even some physical "persuasion" would deter him from pursuing his "prey". A nice pair of gams and a pretty face might, though.


High Concept: Relentless News-Hunter
Trouble: Sucker for a Pretty Face
Aspect: Professional Troublemaker
Aspect: The Heart of a Predator
Aspect: Darren's kind of a Guardian Angel

Werecreature (Wereleopard)
Reporter (mundane mantle)

Mantle Conditions:
Physical Transformation (sticky) [  ]
Press Credentials [X]
Off-the-Air (sticky) [ ]

Beast Whisperer (Werecreature Core Stunt)
The Human Touch (Werecreature Core Stunt)
Journalist Favors (Reporter Core Stunt)
Word on the Street (Reporter Core Stunt)
Media Frenzy (Reporter Core Stunt)
Shifting Adept (Werecreature Stunt; Free Stunt)
Fleeting Transformation (Werecreature Stunt, -1 Refresh)

Intellect +3
Guile, Focus +2
Force, Haste +1
Flair +0

diverse Pens, several Notpads, a Pocket Camera, a Flashlight, Smokes, Lighter, matches from lots of clubs, some cash, a 1933 Dodge Rumble Seat Coupe.
Letter of invitation to WB. Business card of some Vaugn C. Owen, Security Chief of WB.
10.000 Dollars stashed a Dimi, the lawyer.
1 of Mr. Legend's ledgers.

3 x 3s:

Dimitrios "Dimi" Karamitsos  - Greek - A dirty bastard of a lawyer, and a very good friend.

Linda Darling  (not her real name) - Middle-aged mistress of a "professional escort service" catering to very well to do clients. 

Ms Darlene Merrit  - young, red-headed, perky and quite ambitious news reporter who tries to prove herself to Ehrlichmann's boss as the coming hot-shot reporter everyone is waiting for. Currently set on stories about the rich and famous, cultural stuff, nothing really spectacular, she is constantly on the lookout for the Big Story (tm) that will leverage her career to the upper echelons of the news business. She is a constant rival to Daniel, but he doesn't take her, "the red menace", seriously, because - well - she is a woman. That is a dangerous underestimation of her actually quite formidable qualities and her even more formidable stubbornness which keeps her on a story.

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